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Hello University,

Thank you so much for making graduating one of the HARDEST possible things to do. Not only did you tell me “I am not worthy”, but you also told me I am too dumb to do an Independent Study course. Was my explanation of “not having funds to stay an extra semester” not good enough? Did you really think I could pull $3,000 out of my ASS to pay for rent for a whole semester? Or $50/week on food? Were you going to pay for that? Were you going to provide food and shelter for me while I finish the one class that I meet my professor for twice a week? Yes, I understand that I have to take my Principles of Management course (since I didn’t pass the CLEP) in order to “really” graduate, but that will take 5 weeks and it is online, WHERE I CAN LIVE AT HOME. And as my advisor said, they can send me a certificate of decree that I finished all my credits. 

Isn’t your goal to help students graduate? Isn’t your goal to see your students go further and be successful? How can holding a kid back for ONE class help make them successful? Why is it that for simple courses like independent study and internships, you require us to have a certain GPA? Does this 2 digit number (with a decimal) really determine how smart or dedicated a student is? My professor allowed me to do this course because he believed in me and knew I was a good student. What makes you advisors/administrators more qualified than him when you don’t even know me?

But, thank you to those who tried their hardest for me to graduate and believed in me, like the Dean of the Business school and my professor. Those two believed I was a good student, believed I could make it, and believed that I would get far.

Not to name people, but she knows who she is, I wanted to thank you. THANK YOU for thinking that I am like every other student begging for a class for graduation. THANK YOU for not getting to know my story or why I really needed this class. Have you ever been dismissed from school? Have you ever been called dumb, stupid, or an embarrassment because of your grades or things that weren’t your fault? Probably not. So THANK YOU for being a complete bully and too hard headed to look at another person’s point of view.  

But, thanks to the Dean for understanding and signing the form in order for me to take the course. I can finally say that I will be graduating in September sometime and will be OFFICIALLY done with college. 

Yours truly,

A very stressed out student who is finally happy she will graduate.